Why I don’t hate commercials—two

“Now, coffee is a sin all by itself.  It has to be a sin to smell so sexual everywhere I go that I have to have it whether at McDonald’s or Dunkin Donuts.  I blame my father for introducing me to coffee that was literally whitened by milk!” (Quote from my essay on Cravings of the Junk Food Kind, December 19, 2015)

Imagine you are a woman who knocks on a strange man’s door in your apartment building and asks him for coffee because you have run out.  He gives you Nescafe Gold Blend.   Then, in another commercial for that brand, she meets him at the party of a friend.   Eventually, in another commercial in the series, he drops by her job to give her something, probably more Nescafe (Taster’s Choice in the United States).

Creepy, you say?    Not in this serial commercial.   They eventually start dating.   Look how  coffee brought them together.    But, in real life, I would definitely be hesitant about knocking on his door.    That leads me to believe that she had seen him in the building before and knew exactly in which apartment he lived.   That could be creepy from either side.   But, this commercial serial was tantalizing at the least and I’m sure I bought some Taster’s Choice back then.

The actors were Sharon Maughan (episodes of TV series MacGyver, Inspector Morse, Murder She Wrote, etc.) and Anthony Head (Buffy the Vampire Killer TV show, Percy Jackson:  Sea of Monsters movie, etc.).   The “couple” was British and the commercials ran in England in 1987 and 1993.   They changed their accents for American television in 1990.   Each commercial ended on a cliffhanger, and resumed from where it left off the last time.   The commercials were “sophisticated and relatable” and sexy.


Written by Rosa L. Griffin






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