Review of television series Bitten

The series started with Clay (played by Greyston Holt), an anthropology professor, who we soon find out is a werewolf .   He falls in love with his human student, Elena (played by Laura Vandervoort), and brings her home to meet his “family”.

However, Clay is also the Enforcer for the werewolf pack who should have known better.  Chances were that something would go wrong, and it did.  The alpha pack leader, Jeremy (played by Greg Bryk), would have killed Elena if she had seen him change from wolf back to human.   Clay, believing that Elena saw Jeremy’s transformation back to human, bit her to save her life.   But, the leader assumed that she would die from the bite anyway, as had all bitten women in the past.  However, Elena painstakingly survived the transformation.   After she was free to leave, she ran away back to the big city, hating Clay for biting her.  In the two years that she was away, she fell in love with human Phillip (played by Paul Greene).

Werewolves were a supernatural race of half-humans who were male-ruled and didn’t have females at all.   Human women were used as tools to give birth to male werewolves that the women could never claim.    The “happiness” of existing in secret male wolf packs was always short-lived.   Secrets and lies kept the werewolves below the radar for centuries.

However, when the outside wolf packs learned about Elena being the only female werewolf to survive, they all wanted her for breeding.   Leader Jeremy went by a code of honor that was no longer being used by outsiders.   Enemies to their pack were from within and without of their society–other werewolf packs, mutts (werewolves without affiliation to a pack), witches, the law, etc.

For instance, all his pack’s enemies used weapons, anything from knives, drugs, guns, computers, etc. against Jeremy’s pack which usually fought bare-handed.  Jeremy made several fatal decisions trying to live by the traditional rules with which he was raised.

There were sizzling sex scenes and lots of violence (hey, we’re dealing with werewolves here!).  But, I believe that Bitten was a great vehicle for the actors’ careers, especially for Laura Vandervoort.   A woman having two good-hearted and good-looking men who desire her is a fantasy that some of us women have.  The actors made me believe in their werewolf society.   The actors were also diverse in race and language.  The special effects were meticulous, showing great attention to detail.

Bitten was a Space Canadian tv series broadcast by Syfy from 2014-2016 and based on the Women of the Otherworld series of books by author Kelley Armstrong.   I only saw the first season because when the show went on hiatus, I had a hard time resuming watching it.   I can’t keep up with new start dates, changes in week days and times, etc.  Thanks to the library’s DVD copies, I was able to watch all 3 seasons of Bitten recently.

Written by Rosa L. Griffin


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