Review of the books, When You Think No One is Watching: Wild but True Hotel Stories, volumes 1 & 2, by Emmanuel Gratzimi, 2016 & 2017 respectively

The stories in Mr. Gratzimi’s books on the hotel industry range from hilarious to deadly.  For example, a hotel client’s head was crushed by someone throwing a liquor bottle from the penthouse.    This was caused by minors drinking in someone’s room.  This was a very moving case which caused me to tear up—lives destroyed for a party.

Clients as well as employees break the hotel’s rules often in spite of the hotel’s security staff.   Clients have illegal parties, being so drunk that they don’t know someone is bleeding in the same room.  This applies to dignitaries, celebrities, and average hotel clients.

Some of the clients do such foolish things that they seem to want to be caught.   “From what I heard, from a later report, the man’s wife, who was in fact an attorney, prior to divorcing him, represented the prostitutes pro bono.”

There were cases of employees using rooms to have sex with other employees.   One employee’s husband charged a room to his wife’s credit card so he could have sex with a prostitute.  However, his wife worked in the same exclusive hotel and brought management and security to her husband’s room.

Unknown to me, emergency situations happen often in hotels in which paramedics, police and/or firemen have to be called.   I couldn’t even imagine the types of things noted in his books.   The books were eye-opening and shocking, but easy reads.

Written by Rosa L. Griffin

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