Hello, my name is Rosa L. Griffin.    The name of my blog, Nervikularose, is a combination of nerve and Dracula.   I like horror movies, especially vampire and werewolf movies.

Some people might say that I watch too many movies.   But, life can be too much sometimes when we are constantly being bombarded with bad news instantly on so many different media. Fantasy has been one of many stabilizing forces in my life.

I will be talking about all kinds of adult themes:  sexuality, romance, horror, science fiction, humor, local Baltimore, Maryland culture, and just a pinch of violence.

But, I will not be talking about politics or religion except where I use it to make a point about something in my talk.   I leave those subjects to the experts. My intended audience is age 18 and over.

I hope you enjoy the weekly installments from my blog.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert on anything but my life experiences, so for some topics, I will do research and give my sources.       However, I will not entertain rudeness in any form nor allow any disrespectful posts to be noted on my blog.

ATTRACTION: SEXY TALES OF GOOD, BAD, AND UGLY RELATIONSHIPS is my first collection of 8 fiction short stories.

My book is for sale in my new online store at https://nervikularose.com:

  1. $3.99 for my ebook (978-0-692-40853-7) on my store
  2. $10.00 + shipping/tax for my book (978-1-4675-0192-7).

Check out my interview on Sheryl Holloway’s Blog at http://www.cherylholloway.net/blog/?s=Rosa+Griffin&submit=Search

Website:  https://nervikularose.com

Email:  rosalgriffin@nervikularose.com

Facebook: http://facebook.com/rosa.griffin.397

“Death Sleep” is the story of a Baltimore school teacher who is abused by a vampire at the start of the American Civil War.

“Free Ride” is the story of a married man who falls in love for the first time late in life.

In “One Drop”, an 1800’s young woman must provide for herself and wants it all.

“Terra” is the story of an older student who falls prey to a vampire attack.

“Life-BoxR” is a futuristic safe-sex drama about a dangerous flirt with erotica.

In “Urban Predator”, a mature woman is attacked by a werewolf.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAwo-zM-IJU

In “The Tradition”, a young man is so frustrated with debutantes that he goes about intimacy in the wrong way.

“Blood Club” is the story of a vampire who develops a practical use of living resources.


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