People who love to eat are always the best people.

Julia Child

Laughter is brightest in the place where the food is.

Irish Proverb

One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.

Luciano Pavarotti

Submitted by Rosa L. Griffin


Four Factors–Great Sex for a Man

On 6/15/18, Matthew Boggs on Youtube suggested four things that men would like in sex.

They were:

  1. Frequency
  2. Variety (“routine lulls the brain to sleep”, “different rooms”)
  3. Fantasy (“fulfillment of same”)
  4. Intensity

Those four things are also important to a lot of women.

Maybe the men who don’t like sex much should get together with the women or partners who don’t like sex much.   You just know there are some out there.   And, leave us others to it.

Check out Matthew on Youtube.

Submitted by Rosa L. Griffin






In my 20’s

I decided to keep my remaining teeth alive


Gum surgery, extreme cleaning and excavation





Several times a year


By my 30’s

I went for regular cleanings

Not so much Die Hard

Little drama

Some trauma

Some pain

Only twice a year now


Keep at it

While you are young.


Written by Rosa L. Griffin

Whipped (And Not in a Good Way) 

“To love at all is to be vulnerable.”  C. S. Lewis

Whether we are male or female, we shouldn’t have to give up everything we are to be in a relationship with anyone else.   Even if you accept the person as they are, be prepared for changes in that person and also in yourself sometime in the future.    Hair styles change, fashion changes, weight changes, knowledge changes, etc.  Discuss the intangibles before attaching yourself to another person.   Ask the “What if” questions.

Too many times on television shows or in movies, women are depicted as loud mouths.   The shows depict that the men always give in to everything the bully (wife or girlfriend) wants.    The women are always raging in the top of the house, which the Bible discourages in the book of Proverbs chapter 31.  The passage describes a woman with prospects.       I soon tire of those shows and stop watching.


The wife/mother in the tv show “Are we there yet?”

The wife/mother in the tv show “Everyone Hates Chris”

The wife/mother in the tv show “Everyone Loves Raymond”

The wife in the tv show “The King of Queens”

Janet Jackson played a raging wife in the movie “Why Did I Get Married Too”.    In the first movie, Janet’s character had the answer to everything, but she had lost her mind by the sequel.   Mind you, I didn’t see any reason for her to be raging that counseling over the death of her son wouldn’t have helped.   Guilt can make you do strange things.

The wife in the television movie, “Men Don’t Tell”, didn’t just rage, but physically abused her husband who was a regular guy who would have not taken that kind of abuse from a man.   What she did to him was unusual.

The husband in the movie, N-Secure, married a beautiful woman and immediately tried to drastically change her appearance and where she could go.   I believe what you did to attract the person initially or what you were attracted to in another person shouldn’t be drastically changed because you are in a relationship.   The husband ended up trying to kill his wife because she wanted to escape his abusive ways.

In the movie, How to Make an American Quilt, a wife who was a former swimmer, stifled her own ambitions after marriage and pregnancies.   Marriage counseling might have done her some good.  She broke up her own family because of her insecurities.

I don’t believe there is such a thing as a 50/50 relationship.   Who determines what goes into the formula which results in that half and half?   Get in where you can fit in.  Each partner in the relationship should be able to stand on his/her own feet and bring something to the table.

Some people say that prenuptial agreements before a marriage spell doom for the marriage.   I disagree.  Each party should bring something to the table other than sex or money.   If all you want is sex, it would be cheaper to just pay for it without marriage.   What about personality, goals, plans, etc.?   If all you want is money, be honest about it, and get hired by the potential partner.

And, what happens after you marry or hook-up?    Marriages or partnerships may not work out even with the best of intentions.   For instance, in the movie, The Leisure Seeker, an elderly couple discovered that each had been unfaithful at some point during their marriage.  And, this was a couple who thought they had a perfect marriage.

How does this sound—one fourth of the time for self, one fourth for your partner/husband/wife, one fourth for children, one fourth for work?   That would include date nights with the husband/wife/partner, outings with either’s friends, and outings with the kids (school projects, sports, etc.).   If each has the other’s welfare at heart, the relationship may work.

Written by Rosa L. Griffin





Review of book: Power Walking, A Journey to Wholeness by Maxine Bigby Cunningham

I found Maxine’s book very inspiring.   Her book, Power Walking, is a memoir containing poetry, affirmations, and Scripture.  It is filled with prayers to God.  And, the most unique part of all is her life in falling.

Maxine has physically fallen many times in her life because of medical conditions.    Many I suspect were caused by a type of perfectionism in which she must carry on at any cost despite a broken ankle, fainting spells, stroke, anxiety attacks, mental health, etc.   Sometimes she was hospitalized, and other times released from the hospital on the same day.  The Scriptures are appropriately related to her seeking God’s help or successfully coming out of each circumstance.

She has a unique history of the suffering in her life, but also how God brought her through.   Maxine is not beating you down with Scripture but asking you to join her in standing up after a fall.

Maxine is made of stronger stuff than me.  It is a book small enough to be read often and should be.   I plan on referring to her book again.

Her book may be purchased at

Publisher:  BookSurge Publishing, 2008

Written by Rosa L. Griffin


Review of book:  My Life as a Mermaid, A Tale to be Shared, by Michelle D. Smith

Imagine a society where everyone is treated the same.   A mermaid/merman decides what they want to be and do before birth.   Their friends are whales and dolphins.   There is no necessity for money.   Clothing is unnecessary.   Couples mate for life.

Everything is done for the society/collective’s benefit.   There is no greed or crime.

But lest you think mermaids are pushovers, small sea animals are killed but only for each meal, not for storage or mass production.

Humans are the mer peoples’ only natural predators and biggest polluters of the sea.

Michelle has written a book about a perfect community as told to her by her mermaid guide, Shahia.  I believe her book would make a great fantasy or inspirational movie.

Her book can be purchased at 2015

Contact:   Michelle D. Smith’s website is,, and

Written by Rosa L. Griffin


Fun Facts to Know and Tell About Baltimore 

Baltimore City is an independent city (meaning it’s not part of any county).   As such, it is the largest independent city in the U.S.

Snowballs/snowcones were invented in Baltimore during the Industrial Revolution.

The Great Baltimore Fire of 1904 burned for 30 hours, during which it destroyed 1,500 buildings and leveled entire neighborhoods.  One of the reasons cited for the widespread destruction was mismatched hose couplings that impeded fire-fighting efforts.  As a result of the Great Baltimore Fire, firefighting equipment was standardized across the United States.

The first dental school in the world was founded in Baltimore in 1840.

Baltimore has more statues and monuments per capita than any other city in the U.S.

The first telegraph line in the world was established between Washington, D.C., and Baltimore in 1844.

Source:   See the rest of the article, “Fun Facts to Know and Tell About Baltimore”, in the free Baltimore Beacon, August 2018, Arts & Style, pages 22 and 25.

Public Television’s David Suchet and Poirot

For those Agatha Christie mystery fans, I saw the “David Suchet on the Orient Express” documentary on public TV.  If you have ever seen the many tv/movie versions of her “Murder on the Orient Express”, you know that David Suchet is the consummate Hercule Poirot, her lead character. I’ve seen Albert Finney and Peter Ustinov perform as Poirot in the past, but they played their part more like comedy.  Kenneth Branagh’s recent performance as Poirot was good drama, but his mustache was so big that it was distracting as was his grey hair.   For me, David Suchet’s dramatic portrayal for Murder was the best.

David’s Poirot has the most expressive eyes I’ve ever seen. He can stop you with a look. Besides being one of the vainest characters I’ve seen (besides Sherlock Holmes), Poirot is also one of the most insightful characters ever developed.  His too-tight collars, too-tight shoes, and Belgian accent let you know just how vain his character was.  David has played Poirot for a quarter of a century in 13 series, including 50 short stories and 33 novels. (Being Poirot kokopico)  I love David Suchet’s Poirot.

Imagine yourself in the situation of knowing a man had been stabbed a dozen times in his sleep by someone.  And, you are asked to determine who killed him.  Did the punishment of the man fit the crime?  And, would you be justified in walking away knowing the man’s original crime set all of this in motion?  Get Agatha Christie’s novel or see Murder on the Orient Express in public television movie form.

Written by Rosa L. Griffin


Just as you can lead a horse to water, but can’t make him drink…

You can lead a President to facts, but you can’t make him think.

Remember the Greek myth of King Midas who wanted gold so badly that everything that he touched turned to gold?   He couldn’t eat gold food.   He couldn’t take gold with him when he died.  After a while, all he could do was sit on his golden chair.  (King Midas-Wikipedia)

Money is not evil, but the all-out pursuit—what and how you get it—can be evil.   Who are you stepping on or killing to get it?   Money can rule your life.  Cases in point.   The contamination of the water supply in Flint, Michigan, and the nerve of the city still asking residents to pay their water bills when they can’t drink or use the water.  The lack of help for Puerto Rico by a government that doesn’t know that Puerto Rico is part of the United States (an unincorporated U.S. territory, U.S. citizenship granted 1917, though no vote in U.S. elections, Wikipedia), and the nerve of that same government demanding that any help be paid back.   The examples are ad infinitum—they go on forever.

“It’s about greed.  King Midas is just a tool used to teach us about the dangers of being greedy.  Fancy people call this kind of story a parable:  a short story with an obvious moral or life lesson.”  (

I’m not talking about rich people.   There’s a great difference between wealth and greed, especially if the wealth was earned in a way that benefits the world.   Every greedy person who is ruining the only Earth we have will soon find that out.  Payback cometh!

Written by Rosa L. Griffin

You’re Kinky—Admit It!   Review of the movie Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey is a version of the Cinderella story, two people who would not have been exposed to each other except by coincidence.   Ana (Cinderella) filled in for her sick roommate/school editor and physically fell in front of the interviewee, Christian (the Prince).

Christian Grey!  Shades of S&M (Sadomasochism).  Your Dominant probably saved your sanity, your self-worth, etc. in your damaged youth.  You also knew what it meant to be a Submissive.  You’ve had so many women and were overly experienced in sex but emotionally unavailable.  You are attracted to Anastasia’s innocence.  Your immaturity shows in your jealousy toward any other male who wanted to even talk to Anastasia—and this was before you even had sex with her.  Every time you revealed something personal to her about yourself, you reverted to a little boy who was abused by your mother’s drug addict friends.  You even walked like a little boy.   When you asked Ana, “What are you doing to me?”, it’s obvious that with this woman you were nearly ready to change.  As with any addiction, change is painful.  For a man who didn’t do romance, you had a strange way of showing it with all the trips and gifts you were showering on her to attempt to persuade her to fulfill the contract.

Anastasia Steele!  You were a young woman totally inexperienced in sex but emotionally available.  You had male and female college friends.   However, you weren’t attracted to your male friends, but were attracted to Grey who tried to put you at ease in the interview for your college newspaper you conducted for your female roommate who had the flu.   Your immediate objectives lay in your upcoming finals and graduating.   Would you, the damsel who was not in distress, save the “knight” who was?  When Christian asked, “Do you trust me?”, of course, you said “yes” because you wanted what you thought he should have been able to give emotionally.  Every woman wants to have sex with a man who knows how to do it right (or is at least teachable) when he allows himself to be so.

I saw the movie in a movie theatre in 2015—one of the few times I’ve gone to movie theaters.   I believe the movie will become a classic in the adult genre.   There is nothing wrong with having a classic under your belt, although it’s certainly not a love story in the usual sense.   I just finished reading all three books:  Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, and Fifty Shades Freed.   I will write a review of them later.

The movie begged for a sequel.   So many things were not fully addressed in the first movie.  I begged Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson to do the sequel.  I hoped also that the screenwriters would outdo the first movie in their sequel.   The soundtrack was stupendous, especially Annie Lennox’s version of the song “I put a spell on you” which began the movie!   Thank you, author E. L. James!

Admit it, fellow kinks—you came for the sex, and either the potential love story kept you there or the intensity of the little bit of “torture” made you walk out (as some critics say they did)!

Written by Rosa L. Griffin